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Dawn Of The Sniper NinjaDawn Of The Sniper Ninja

One of such unusual free sniper games is Dawn of the Sniper Ninja. As the name implies, you will be playing as a brave and talented ninja, using shurikens to take down his enemies, but be aware, that there are also some friendly characters, appearing on the screen! Try not to hit them, or you may lose the game.
You will have to get rid of all the enemies if you want to save your town from the ninja invasions. Luckily, you are highly skilled in tossing your ninja stars, so you should have no problem with beating your opponents.  In most free sniper games you cannot move your character – all you can do is to aim with your weapon, while your character is rooted in place.

dawn of the ninja
It was changed in Dawn of the Sniper Ninja, as you can freely move to the sides, to get to the other side of the level, for example to check if there are any enemies there. Another important thing is to be careful with the amount of shurikens thrown, as you have limited number of them, and after throwing all of them you have to spend a few seconds to reload. You have limited amount of time to finish the level, so keep an eye on a timer, and try to get the best score possible.
Most of the actions in this game can be performed with the use of mouse – you use it to choose options in the menu or to aim and throw your shurikens. However, you should also learn other keys that are used in this game – you can use the arrow keys or A and D keys to move to the sides, M turns off the music, Q changes the quality of the game (that can make it run faster on slower computers), and R or space bar is used to reload. That may seem like a lot of buttons to learn, but you will get the hang of it quickly. The game screen doesn’t show many important information, there is a circle showing the amount of remaining enemies at the top left side of the screen, on the opposite side you can find the timer, and at the bottom of the screen there is an indicator showing you the amount of your shurikens.Sniper games

Do you like sniper games? This invite you to have fun with the game Military Combat 3D. It is pretty cool prepared in terms of graphics – a few online games are in 3D, so the more it is worth to play in this sniper game.

dawn of the ninja 2

If you want to feel what its like to be a sniper, then you should really take a look at Pro Sniper Tower. It is one of manysniper games available for free on our websites, and it’s really worth your time. You may want to know, what makes this game so interesting, so I will give you an explanation what this title is all about.

Sniper Operation 2 is one of the best sniper games, mostly because of it being so complex. There are a lot of different missions to finish, and they can be really amusing to play.

sniper operation

One of such sniper games is Sniper Operation 2, which we are presenting to you at the moment. This game is really complex, and offers a lot of fun! After starting it you will see nicely made, animated intro that shows you some action. Before you are sent into your first mission, you can check various options in the menu – for example choose one of the previously unlocked levels, or check the instructions screen, which will tell you all you need to know about this game.
One of the best things in this title is the music – it is really powerful and fits well into this game. After starting the game you will be put on a battlefield, where you have to eliminate all the hostile targets. The task wouldn’t be that hard if you could easily see all the enemies, but you cannot, so you have to work harder to spot them.
Luckily, you have your faithful sniper rifle with a built in zoom, which can be used to  see the targets which are standing far away from you. Most of the enemy soldiers cannot even see you, but you should be aware of their snipers, which can shoot you from the distance. A good tactic would be to get rid of them first, and then slowly look for all the other targets. Fortunately, the time limit in this game is quite high (unlike in other sniper games), so you shouldn’t really have the need to rush. Also, you don’t get killed from one shot, your life can be seen at the red bar at the bottom of the screen, and it depletes as you keep taking the damage, after it gets empty, then you lose one of three lives.

A good thing is that you don’t have to reload your rifle in this game, and that means that you don’t have to worry about losing precious time on it. You are going to use mouse to aim in this game, and the left button to shoot, which is pretty standard in sniper games.However, you also need to use the space bar, to zoom in and out when you feel the need to do so. The bar at the bottom of the screen features a lot of important information, so you should keep an eye on it, or just look at it from time to time. You can see the number of enemy soldiers (both normal ones and snipers), number of level, current time, and number of your lives. Also, above the information bar there is your health.


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